Behind the Boat

It all began in 1992 with a handful of experienced and dedicated craftsmen who shared a powerful dream of creating a company that would design and build the strongest, safest and most reliable boats on the water.

Today that dream is a reality in EdgeWater Boats.

OEM Partners

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Boat From Above

Nimbus Group Expands with EdgeWater Boats

This agreement brings together two iconic companies in the marine industry, both established and readied for the future boating market. This partnership will give the ability to better share resources and technologies that will push their products to the next level and the future of boating.

Today, EdgeWater employs more than 175 people, in a 94,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility that produces a limited number of uniquely handcrafted boats each year. All our boats are made in EdgeWater, Florida.

Our managers, designers and engineers are all active boaters. We cruise, dive, and fish with our families. We spend time on the water with EdgeWater owners, gathering their input, ideas and suggestions for constant improvement. Our experience on the water drives the way we design and build our boats.

As a direct reflection of our ongoing commitment to listening to our customers, we are delighted to have received several CSI awards for outstanding customer satisfaction.

We also have won multiple marketing awards, including a Gold and Bronze Telly Award for our nationwide commercial spots.

42nd Telly Winners Badges Bronze Winner
42nd Telly Winners Badges Gold Winner
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Design / Innovation

Intelligently engineered, wonderfully versatile, completely unsinkable, and backed by a limited lifetime transferable warranty. We create the perfect blended boat for all activities. Our aim is to bring luxury to the water along with a strong sense of a family atmosphere, elegance and adventure.

Single-Piece Infusion

Single-Piece Infusion is our trademark. We pioneered this closed-molded vacuum resin infusion process that combines foam composite structural stringers, engineered knitted fiberglass fabric, and vinylester resins to make our hulls (from 22′ to 37′) strong and a perfect glass-to-resin ratio every time. When the resin hardens and the bag is pulled from the mold it creates a one-piece unsinkable structure, with weight uniformly distributed, more fiberglass per square foot, making an SPI boat three times stronger than one constructed using a conventional open-molded process. While the strength-to-weight ratio is greater than open-molded, polyester boats, this process also achieves a perfectly weighted hull each time.


Our hull design creates a combination of lightweight and rock solid all in one. Tack on high-octane Yamaha horsepower and Garmin electronics suites, our boats can cook on the open water.


We design with luxury in mind. A sophisticated eye on the details that is crafted for the family.
Impact Feature


Our iconic craftsmanship creates a visually stunning boat. But it’s not just pretty. It’s solid. Lightweight. Tough against all conditions. Our entire fleet — center console or dual console boats — is made for the family. Adventure bound. Our owners create memories with our boats. We are just the dream factory to take them there.

“In February 2020, we announced our pregnancy while holding a baby life jacket in front of the 158CS out on the water with the caption: We’re going to need a bigger boat.”

Boat Building Pioneers

An ironclad boatbuilder. Intelligently engineered. Made for the angler and the family.

  1. Beginnings

    After decades at Boston Whaler, Bob Dougherty elected to leave his position as director of engineering to pursue his dream of making a new, superior kind of boat. The 18-foot Marlin Center Console is developed in a garage in Edgewater Florida. This rugged, unsinkable boat featuring “Permagrid” construction set a new standard in small boat structural design

  2. Founding

    The EdgeWater Boats is founded. The lineup expands.

  3. 3D Surface Tech

    The EdgeWater design team develops their first boat using 3D surface model technology.

  4. Gamechanger

    Single-piece infusion is created, a resin infusion technology that is unmatched.

  5. A New Market

    New 20 and 24-foot dual console boats are developed. These “crossover” models are an immediate hit and set the standard for an emerging market segment.

  6. SPI Expansion

    Single-piece infusion is used to build all hulls 22 feet and up.

  7. Headquarters Expands

    Factory is expanded to 22,000 square feet as well as our workforce.

  8. Crossover Model Created

    The new 230CX is released and is reviewed as the “SUV of salt water,” by Boating Magazine.

  9. The Future of Boating

    Nimbus Group Expands with EdgeWater Boats