A Customer’s Story: Vacation Every Weekend

The Davis family tell their story about how the 230CC turned their every weekend into a vacation.

When it comes to the Davis family, the 230CC transformed how they view their Saturdays and Sundays.

“Every weekend is now a vacation for us,” said Laura Davis. “We now can take day trips to Block Island and Newport, Rhode Island — sometimes on the same weekend. We can get to places that were out of our reach before with a smaller, less powerful boat.”

The Davis family discovered EdgeWater at a boat show that was hosted by our dealership Petzold’s Marine. The standard features — that our competitors call options — are what made our boat shine above the rest.

“We found that the 230CC had all the extras we were looking for and they were already standard on the boat,” she said. “After speaking with the salesman at Petzold’s and Kim, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Edgewater, we were sold on the features as well as the thought and quality that was put into making this boat.”

The 230CC checks all the boxes for the Davis family.

“It was the perfect mix of function, fishing and family,” she said. “We have two children — a seven-year-old and a ten-year-old — who have fallen in love with boating. After our first 19-foot boat, we wanted to invest in one that would be useful for a very long time.”

The standard feature that sticks out to the Davis family is the stowaway table, but it doesn’t stop there.

“It is perfect for having snacks and lunch without having the pull anchor,” she said. “The 230CC is the perfect size for trailering. We always get comments about how beautiful she is. The white powder coating definitely makes us stand out. It’s also changed how we boat, too. The kids spend the day jumping off the transom swim platform and we can fit all of our toys (grill, paddleboard, kayak) onboard with us.”

Vacation every weekend like the Davis family.