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Ready to ditch the ordinary and set sail towards a boat that’s just right for you? We thought so. Welcome to EdgeWater Boats, where we’re all about finding your perfect escape without the unnecessary fuss.

Why settle? Let’s make waves:

🚤 Tailored for You: Forget the generic. Let’s talk about what floats your boat. Our VIP Boat Appointments are all about getting to know your style, needs, and budget. No fluff, just boats that fit you like a glove.

💰 No Nonsense Pricing: Your dream boat shouldn’t come with a headache-inducing price tag. We’ve got pricing experts on standby, ready to create a deal that makes you smile. Let’s talk numbers without the hassle.

🏝️ Your Ultimate Getaway: Imagine the perfect day on the water with your crew. We’re here to help you pick the boat, the options, and the features that turn those daydreams into reality. No cheesy sales pitch, just the boat you’ve been imagining.

🔐 Exclusive VIP Perks:

  • Sneak peeks at our latest and greatest
  • Jump the line for possible sea trials
  • Special Pricing (*dependent on model/year)

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